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French Horn ~ Saxophone ~ Trombone ~ Tuba

Professor of Trumpet and Trumpet Pedagogy of the Conservatory of Music of the Canary Islands (Spain)

Considered one of the most versatile trumpet players of his generation, operates in both the interpretation of early music and in the deepest jazz, classical interpretation. Doctor of Music by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, obtained the qualification of Cum Laude for his Thesis “The trumpet in the organs of Gran Canaria".

He has received the most prestigious classes at both trumpeters classical and jazz. Some of them are Maurice Andre, Edward Tarr, Manuel Lopez, Maurice Benterfa, Jouko Harjanne, Hans Gansch, Pierre Dutot, David Hickman, Tim Hagans, Mike Koupa, Brian Lynch,.....

Artistic Director of the Gran Canaria Big Band Gran Canaria, the Atlantic Art Ensemble and the Maspalomas International Trumpet Festival.

He has toured extensively for several countries (Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, USA, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, ..) as a soloist and with various formations such as the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Castile and Leon, Philharmonic Orchestra of the Nations (Berlin), Sedajazz Big Band, Gran Canaria Big Band, Canary Big Band, Atlantic Art Ensemble, CSMC Trumpet Ensemble, Ten of The Best Trumpet Ensemble,.....

As a teacher taught numerous specialized courses all over the island, Canary Islands, Spain, Italy, Asutralia,Mexico, Denmark, Portugal,Croacia, Slovenia,....

Member of International Trumpet Guild (USA), an international association of teachers and interpreters of the trumpet. This association invited him to participate in the 35th and 38th congress which was held in July 2010 in the city of Sydney (Australia) and June 2012 in Michigan (USA), achieving great succes at preludes concerts.

Among his recent projects include two albums that have come out last year. A classic with trumpet and organ repertoire that has been released on Spanish label Gad Gad Record, other with the Great Canaria Big Band in a production that has reissued tha american label Summit Jazz Records (DCD-568) and one with his jazz trio GBP in spanish label Irina Records.


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