Steven Kemper (United States)
Composition Professor

VT Hi-res

Professor - Rutgers University


Steven teaches in:
  • English

LECTURE Specialty: Musical robotics, interactive dance, urban acoustic ecology and music.

Composition/lecture areas:
  • Music for acoustic instruments and computers
  • Electroacoustic music
  • Interactive music
  • Musical robotics
  • Human-computer interaction in music
  • New interfaces for musical expression
  • Data Sonification

Steven Kemper creates music for acoustic instruments, instruments and computers, musical robots, dance and video. His compositions have been presented at numerous concerts and festivals around the world, and he has received awards from the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Meet the Composer, the Danish Arts Council, and the International Computer Music Association.

Steven’s research has been presented at ICMC, NIME, and KEAMSAC, and published in Organized Sound and Leonardo. He is a co-founder of Expressive Machines Musical Instruments, a collective dedicated to designing, building, and composing original music for robotic instruments.

Steven received a Ph.D. in composition and computer technologies from the University of Virginia and is currently Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Composition in the Music Department at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.

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