A buffet breakfast (included into tuition) will be served daily at the Center Hotel's restaurant.
The restaurant specializes in Estonian as well as international dishes.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner are NOT included into program tuition.
Students can purchase a discounted meal plan.

Due to the increased cost of a discounted meal plan by the Center Cafe, Alion Baltic is able to offer meal plans for 149 Euro per week. Meal plans for 115 Euro per 1 week will remain in effect for those students who requested it prior to May 10, 2018. Please send an email with reference of a meal plan request to

Meal plans enable students to eat lunches and dinners in either Center Cafe or Lido family kitchen restaurant, both are partners with The Alion Baltic International Music Festival.

Discounted meal plan includes basic food (appetizers and entrees), offered by the CenterHotel Cafe.

If you would like to add extra funds to your meal plan, please notify us 1 week prior to your arrival.

How to obtain a meal plan.

Discounted meal plans (149 Euro per week) must be purchased in advance directly at the Alion Baltic Office website.

To purchase a mealplan, please use the following form, or pre-order in advance by writing to:

To request an extra-finds meal plan or for any food related questions, please contact:

Nataly Becker, Alion Baltic Festival secretary.
- I request meal plan.

Food in Tallinn is generally inexpensive.

Students may choose to dine independantly. Buying meal plan is not required.

For more information on dining, visit:

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