Yuanxizi Li (China)

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Yuanxizi teaches in:
  • English
  • Chinese

Yuanxizi (Jocelyn) Li, main subject Professor of the Piano Academy at Gulangyu, Central Conservatory of Music. After studying under professor Klaus Baessler and professor Georg Sava, she has graduated with excellent results from the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin in Germany in 2010 and obtained master's degrees both in piano performance and in piano education. While she showed all her musical talents during her childhood, she was admitted to the Shenzhen Arts School with the first ranking, before studying under Mr. Dan Zhaoyi and Ms. Xiao Mei.

She has won the first prize of the Steinway Piano Competition(Guangzhou), the first prize of the International Robert Schumann Competition For Young Pianists(Shenzhen) and the third prize of the Mendelssohn International Piano Competition(Berlin). Her solo and chamber music concerts were held in several countries Europe and meanwhile well received. Her students have gained numerous awards both domestic and overseas, such as the first prize of the Yamaha China Piano Competition, the youth group’s first prize of the ClaviCologne International Piano Competition(Germany) in 2015, the first prize of the Granada International Piano Competition(Spain) in 2016, Sumy International Piano Competition(Ukraine) in 2017 etc.

Nowaways she remains active in a lot of European music festivals and competitions, at the same time, the Jury of The Granada piano competition in Spain,Mozart Piano competition in Aachen,the Campillos competition in Spain.she serves also as a classical music columnist. In order to inspire students to pursue higher level of music and to create a more fresh music life for the new generation of students, she pioneered in 2016 a series of academic lectures designed for students studying music in China, which were high praised by peers and parents and also popular with students.

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